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sight specialists southport nick andrew
Cataract surgery intraocular lenses dr nick andrew ophthalmologist
Glaucoma eye surgeon minimally invasive glaucoma surgery southport gold coast
Iris surgery on the Gold Coast including iris repair, iris suturing and iris prostheses
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sight specialists southport nick andrew

Why come to Sight Specialists for your eye care?


We are defined by our patient outcomes and word of mouth referrals. Our goal is to consistently achieve results at the very forefront of what is possible.

Patient Care

We understand that eyecare can be daunting and we want you to feel at ease. Our friendly team delivers care that is warm, welcoming and personal.

State of the Art Technology

Our brand-new eye clinic has the very latest diagnostic equipment.

Easy Access

We provide ample reserved, undercover patient carparking. Our clinic is adjacent to the Nerang Light Rail station.

Patient Education

Education is the focus of every consult. Supported by our advanced diagnostic equipment, Dr Andrew will help you to understand your eye health and the latest treatments available to improve it.

Short Appointment Waiting Times

We work hard to complete new patient appointments in <90 minutes and follow-up appointments in <45 minutes.

dr nick andrew sight specialists southport

Dr Nick Andrew

Dr Andrew is an ophthalmologist who emphasises delivering patient-centred care at the highest standard. He has undertaken prestigious subspecialty training overseas, has published over 40 scientific articles, and is co-host of Ophthalmology Against The Rule Podcast. As of July 2022, his podcast has been downloaded more than 30,000 times by people all over the world.

His special areas of expertise include advanced cataract surgery, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), refractive surgery, intraocular lens exchange, and iris surgery. He is also experienced in treating pterygia, macular disease, eyelid disorders, and dry eye.

Professional Ophthalmology Affiliations

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4.30pm

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