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Personal approach to patients’ problems

At Sight Specialists, we strive to make patients as comfortable and confident as we can about any eye issue.  With our highly trained staff, we are able to handle eye problems and procedures well, using the latest research and technologies.

Enabling our patients

We wish to involve patients as much as possible in their eye care.  In order to do so, we take a personal approach with each and every one of you.  We want you to be able to understand fully the tests, treatments and procedures that may be necessary for you.  We do this through careful explanation, as well as the provision of pamphlets and video materials, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that you will find on this website.  [Click here].

Primary care providers

We also work very closely with primary care providers in order to maximise patient outcomes. Staff involvement at every level of patient management and treatment means our patients are completely reassured throughout the process, so they can begin to see life clearly again.

State of the art technologies

Sight Specialists prides itself on using the most suitable and up to date technologies and procedures that are known in eye care, through constant surveillance of the research literature and discussion with professional colleagues.  We want to be sure that our patients receive the best possible eye care.

Eye specialist ophthalmologist available after hours for emergency eye care during COVID-19
  • Freedom from glasses and contact lenses

  • Freedom from glaucoma eye drops

  • Freedom from dry eye drops

  • Freedom from eye discomfort, redness, and watering

  • Bulk-billed telehealth consults


Referrals can be made via Oculo or Medical Objects


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