Ophthalmologist available during COVID-19, Dr Nick Andrew eye specialist in Gold Coast

Dr Nick Andrew, ophthalmologist, is available 24/7

for emergency eye care during COVID-19 lockdowns

Dr Nick Andrew is an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) at Sight Specialists, Southport, Gold Coast.

To support the health system, he is available for emergency eye consults 24/7 during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Dr Andrew sees eye patients of all ages, including children. Following prestigious training overseas, he has subspecialist expertise in cataract surgery, glaucoma, and complex surgery of the iris and lens.

Common emergency eye problems during this pandemic include eye trauma, double vision, eye pain, blurred vision and loss of vision. Dr Andrew is well experienced in handling and treating all of these eye presentations.

Find out more about Dr Nick Andrew here.  To arrange a consultation immediately, see the information below.

Dr Andrew can help you:

  • Freedom from contact lenses and glasses

  • Freedom from glaucoma eye drops

  • Freedom from dry eye artificial tear drops

  • Freedom from eye redness, discomfort, and watering

  • Bulk-billed telehealth consults

Eye specialist ophthalmologist available after hours for emergency eye care during COVID-19
Cataract surgery on the Gold Coast using customised intraocular lenses
Glaucoma specialist in Gold Coast performing minimally invasive glaucoma surgery