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Dr Nick Andrew, Cataract Surgeon.

Dr Nick Andrew is skilled in the latest technologies and techniques of cataract surgery.  He has particular expertise in treating the potential complications of cataract surgery, including dislocated lenses, iris injuries, and lens exchanges.

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye. It is a normal ageing change that is accelerated by UV light, certain medications and medical conditions. As the cataract develops, the lens becomes like a dirty chandelier. Rather than focusing the light on the retina, the cataract blocks and scatters the light. This causes reduced quality of vision and glare when driving at night.

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Premium cataract surgery – Southport, Gold Coast

Restore your youth by reducing your need for glasses and seeing better

Dr Andrew is a highly-trained cataract surgeon skilled in the most advanced surgical techniques. He is also sought after for his has rare expertise in fixing the complications of cataract surgery, such as iris injury and the need to change the lens that was implanted.

Cataract surgery is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance your vision and permanently reduce your need for glasses. There are several treatment options to select from. Dr Andrew delivers individualised care by tailoring a surgical plan customised for each patient. Achieving significant freedom from glasses is a common reason why patients come to Dr Andrew for their cataract surgery.

Safety is always the top priority. Dr Andrew’s meticulous approach and high attention to detail is what allows him to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Option 1: Standard Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery Gold Coast with monofocal intraocular lens requiring reading glasses for focussed vision

Option 2: Multi-Focal Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery on Gold Coast with Multifocal toric Lens to get rid of glasses and freedom from glasses

DISCLAIMER: The above diagram is a simulated representation of a typical outcome only.

Like all surgical procedures, cataract surgery carries risk and a specific result cannot be guaranteed.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the only way to manage cataracts effectively.

Dr Andrew’s technique is performed under light sedation and numbing eyedrops.  You can find out more about the procedure here.

Clinical research indicates that patients experience clearer vision and brighter colours following cataract surgery.  Further, clinical research has shown that cataract surgery can enhance vision and reduce patient reliance on glasses.  The art of cataract surgery is in selecting the custom lens implant that is going to achieve the best possible vision for each individual patient’s lifestyle and visual needs.

Dr Nick Andrew also works with the innovative miLOOP device.  miLOOP is a registered Medical device.  Prior to proceeding, an assessment is necessary to determine suitabililty.  We welcome you to seek a second opinion from a qualified practitioner.

Safety is always the top priority when Dr Andrew performs cataract surgery. His meticulous approach and great attention to detail underlies his patient outcomes.

Patient journey for Cataract Surgery

Optical biometry before cataract surgery on the Gold Coast

STEP 1: Eye Measurements Before your Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, your cloudy lens (cataract) is replaced with a high-definition artificial lens implant. This artificial intraocular lens (IOL) lasts for life and it refocuses your vision to help you see clearly. It is custom-selected for your eye to give you the best vision possible.

Before scheduling cataract surgery the dimensions and curvature of your eye must be precisely measured. This is done using a laser scanner (optical biometry) and a high definition camera (corneal topography). The measurements are used to calculate exactly what power of lens the eye requires. If the measurements are inaccurate then the lens selection will also be inaccurate.

Obtaining perfect measurements and selecting the best possible lens for each eye is fundamental to premium cataract surgery. This process is a special interest of Dr Andrew’s and he has published scientific articles on it.

People jogging on beach without glasses after cataract surgery Gold Coast

STEP 2: Selecting The Best Artificial Lens Implant (IOL) For Your Lifestyle

During cataract surgery, an artificial lens is implanted to produce focussed vision. These lenses come in many different designs, sizes and brands.  Once your lens is implanted it is challenging (but not impossible) to change it.  Therefore, it is important that your surgeon selects the lens that is best for you.  Dr Andrew uses a small selection of highest quality lenses available.

With improvements in technology, lenses are available that have demonstrated improved vision for patients.  These lenses are called multifocal lenses, extended depth of field lenses and presbyopia-correcting lenses. They work by different mechanisms and each design has its unique  considerations.

Dr Andrew is experienced with all lens technologies and will tailor a surgical plan best suited to your lifestyle and visual needs.

STEP 3: Surgery with Dr Nick Andrew

It is normal to be nervous before your first eye operation- this is completely understandable.

Just prior to cataract surgery you are positioned on a bed and your eye is completely numbed with anaesthetic drops. Intravenous sedation is given, to help you relax. To start the operation, tiny keyhole incisions are made on the surface of the eye. The largest incision is approximately 2mm wide- so small that it seals in a watertight fashion without any sutures. Dr Andrew uses a variety of different cataract surgery techniques to optimise the result. The new artificial lens is then implanted and precisely aligned to the optics of the eye using an image-guidance system. The surgery routinely takes 10-15 minutes, is typically painless, and has an outstanding safety profile.

Your surgeon is in control of the precision of your post-operative vision. Optimal surgical technique is highly ritualised to minimise the risk of complications, and to produce highly consistent results.  You can read more about the procedure here.

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