Understanding the Costs of Cataract Surgery

The cost of cataract surgery in Australia includes 10 separate components:

  • 1
    Fee for your initial consult
  • 2
    Fee for your eye measurements (called biometry)
  • 3
    Surgeon’s fee
  • 4
    Anaesthetist’s fee
  • 5
    Hospital fee
  • 6
    Fee for lens implant
  • 7
    Post-operative eyedrops
  • 8
    Post-operative clinic visits (usually covered by Medicare)
  • 9
    YAG laser capsulotomy
  • 10
    Fee for surgical revisions and adjustments (hopefully not required)

If you are not insured for cataract surgery then you will need to pay for each of the above items. However, you will also receive Medicare rebates for some of these costs. Uninsured patients will usually have a total out of pocket cost that is somewhere between two thousand dollars and six thousand dollars per eye, depending on the cataract surgery that they are having.

If you have private health insurance for cataract surgery then your insurance will bring down the cost of your care by several thousand dollars per eye.

When comparing different fees for cataract surgery, always ensure that you are comparing the total out of pocket cost of your entire treatment journey, from first appointment through to final discharge.

When assessing eye surgery from different providers, the most important thing is to compare quality (compare “apples with apples”). Your result is what will matter to you more than anything else. Your cataract surgery will determine your eyesight for the rest of your life and it is worth doing as well as possible.